My Hero Academia Chapter 207 – Release Date & Expected Spoiler

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My Hero Academia Chapter 207
My Hero Academia Chapter 207

Manga Chapter: My Hero Academia Chapter 207

Release Date: 24th November 2018

After reading the My Hero Academia Chapter 206, it became clear that Tetsutetsu & Todoroki at the same level in terms of power. We saw Todoroki using his ultimate form but ended up with a draw. The match ended up drawing with 1/1, which was quite interesting to see. Apart from this, there is now a lot of excitement among other team members.

Now, this is the 4th slot match, where we will see Katuku’s team in action. Talking about the class B team In the 4th Slot, we will be seeing Katsuki & Tokage Senna battling each other. With this chapter, we would get a chance to explore Tokage another recommended student.

In this article, we are going to see what we can expect from My Hero Academia Chapter 207. Before that let’s talk about the members from the slot 4th.You can find out the top movies watch on your mobile phones and some other smart phones.

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Battle 4 Teams:

Here is the team facing each other in My Hero Academia Chapter 207. This will be the 2nd last battle of this Arc.

Class 1-AClass 1-B
Katsuki BakugouYosetsu Awase
Kyoka JiroTogaru Kamakin
Rikido SatoSetsuna Tokage
Sero HantaKojiro Bondo


My Hero Academia chapter 207 Expected Spoiler

Talking about our expectation on this chapter, we might see Katsuki facing Yosetsu. Whereas Tokage is a concern, we might see more about her Lizard Tail Cut quirk in this chapter. We believe that the slot 4 battle with taking another 2 chapters to end this fight.

Looking at the last 2 matches, it has become clear that this battle will be quite interesting. As all we are saying are just expected stories, hence we would actually wait for the official spoiler to release.

The reason why we expect Katsuki facing Yosetsu is that Yosetsiun Quirk “Wield” is the only match for Katsuki. But we would still wait for the official spoiler to out.

Release Date: 

My Hero Academia Chapter 207 will release on their regular schedule time & that is 24th November. There is no official confirmation on the change in the schedule, but if there is any, you geeks can check back here with you.

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