One Punch-Man Chapter 98 – Release Date & Spoiler

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One Punch-Man Chapter 98
One Punch-Man Chapter 98

Chapter: One Punch Man Chapter 98

Release Date: Unexpected

It was really unexpected to see Child Emperor being so powerful. We saw how he kills the bird monster & rescues Waganma. But, at the end of the chapter, we see his new opponent which is a formidable opponent. We saw how he overcomes every attack the Child emperor In this makes.

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This also makes it clear that the next chapter is all about Child Emperor & we will also get to know more about his power and ability. It had made clear that the Formidable opponent is no one but another robot. So, the question here is, will Child Emperor be able to kill the Formidable opponent? Lets’ find it out.

Our Expectation: 

By the end of the chapter, we get to know that the Child emperor is facing no one but a samurai robot with high fighting skills. This also makes it tough for the Child Emperor to attack him with his fight skills (Ad he is not a fighter type). This makes sure that he will be using all his technology to get him down and watch online movies in your android phones.

In this chapter, we will be seeing all his capabilities fighting against the Formidable Opponent. We would like to know your thoughts on what you think about the Child Emperor ability. How would e take down his opponent?

Release Date: 

There is no detail information about when this chapter will release, but it is said that the next chapter will be a long chapter, which means we geeks will have to wait a little longer. We will update the release date, as soon as we come across it.

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